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Jeremy Never Tapped Jiu Jitsu Patches


Commemorate Jer and celebrate life with every roll.

Upon covering production cost, all proceeds will be given to the Montes family.

Jeremy Montes Jr. was a fellow Jiu Jitsu brother that inspired the community beyond.  To learn more about Jer Jr. or to contribute, click here.

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Additional Support of Jeremy Montes Jr. 

Additional donations can be made here. Tap Out Leukemia

Jeremy Montes Jr. Support Page (Facebook)


Patches and stickers were made in limited quantity and are currently in the mail. Background Eli Mendoza, friend and former training partner of Jeremy Montes Jr., wanted to do a kind gesture by commemorating him with the design of patches. He enlisted me, Carl, to provide designs. As a Jiu Jitsu brother and one who has lost family and friends to cancer, I gladly accepted the task. Due to high demand, we’ve decided to print both patches and stickers. Your purchases will cover production costs and all proceeds will be given to the Montes family.

Patch Details

“Jeremy Never Tapped” Jiu Jitsu patches are approximately 3.5″ x 4″ , 100% embroidered, iron on.

Iron-On Patch Instructions

A. Do not use an ironing board and do not use steam! Use a table or counter top with a hard surface.

B. Set the iron on the cotton/linen setting. Allow time for the iron to get hot.

C. Place a terry cloth towel on the table or counter top. Place the garment on the towel.

D. Position the applique(s) on the garment.

E. Cover the applique(s) with a pressing cloth or a teflon ironing sheet.

F. After making sure that the iron is hot, place the iron on the pressing cloth and applique(s), using very firm pressure. Do not move the iron.

G. Hold the pressure for 30 to 35 seconds. (40 to 45 seconds for heavy fabrics such as denim).  The goal is to melt the adhesive on the back of the applique into the fabric of the garment.

H. Pick the iron up and repeat the process for any unheated areas.

I. Allow the applique(s) and the garment to cool. Turn the garment inside out and repeat the process.

J. Do not attempt to iron the appliques on garments that cannot accept the highest heat setting on an iron. For example: leather, silk or nylon.


Other Info

  1. Why not use an ironing board? First, the ironing board has a soft surface and you must use a dense hard surface. Second, the heat from your iron will dissipate into the soft surface of the ironing board. The goal is to melt the adhesive, on the back of the applique, into the fabric.
  2. What is a teflon ironing sheet? A teflon ironing sheet is a man made product that comes in any number of sizes, shapes and colors. It is very durable, it will transfer high heat and, in this application, it is used to prevent scorching of the garment and applique(s). As a bonus, it can double as a craft sheet because most adhesives will not adhere to it.
  3. Can the appliques be ironed on any garment? The garment must be able to accept the highest heat setting on your iron. Do not attempt to iron the appliques on leather, silk, nylon or other fabrics that will be damaged with the highest temperature setting on any iron. If there is any question that the garment may not take the heat, we recommend that you choose a different garment.
  4. What about washing the garment and the appliques? If you are concerned about your garment, such as denim, we recommend that you wash it first if it is a new, unwashed garment.  After appliques have been ironed on we recommend washing the garment on a gentle cycle and then damp dry and hang the garment to complete the drying. Treat the appliqued garment as you would any nice garment that needs gentle laundering.


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